Cost of Split system air conditioner installation

These notes are provided by my aircon technician from Melbourne and I think I can share them here to benefit all my friends.

split system air conditioner

The weather is very humid and hot nowadays and every family wants/need an airon.

Split system air conditioner installation cost estimates

Below are costs estimates for basic work done by a qualified installation technician or professional. Review them online if neccessary.

They are using mid grade materials for most project unless explicitly stated.

Any work not written on this article will means higher cost if you were to include them. For example, if you request higher materials or a higher grade craftsman. Take note please.

The ranges of installation work have a few level. Please google and look through carefully on their quoted prices.

As prices vary by a lot on installation and size of the air conditioner, I can only advise you on the items that air conditioner installation includes or excludes.

All estimates are calculatedĀ in theory. The final price has to be written down black and white and signed by both party. Do take note not to believe everything the installer tells you.

Ask for a written quote before agreeing or signing any contract. Use a calculator to sum out all the individual tiny costs.

I also advise you to look for reputable company to buy air con from. They will give you a ezy, fair and accurate assessment of the work and costs required.

The installation cost includes :

Cost for all materials and equipment delivery to yours and their place.

Cost to setup your place for all installation. There will be costs included to protect your room or living room from any damages, especially to the paint work.

Cost for cleaning up everything after the installation completes.

Cost for all labours involved based on the city’s hourly charges.


The Split System Air Conditioner Installation cost DO NOT includes :


Cost of Aircon. Try to ask for a special package as the installer will earn commission. If not, wait for promotion discounts from Harvey Norman. Models like Fujitsu are cheaper and promotions from them are more common.

Costs for modifying existing structure such as your HVAC, electrical components and even your water pipes from the air con. These include transportation of the parts required for the modification.

Costs for any additional compulsory safety and review testing on your site.

Contractor’s expenses will included into markup profits if the installation is on a big site like a building. A specialized contractor will have to supervise the ongoing project till completion. A reasonable markup of 10-30% will be imposed.

All sales sales from the nation and city on materials.

Building safety or inspection fees required by building or city state.

Average cost per unit on Split System Air Conditioner Installation.

A special request for a high grade professional technician for more dangerous or quality installation.

In order to help you lower the overall bills, you can plan out and try to include everything in 1 day. Multiple days means more transportation and labour costs.

Opt for less options, sizing and squeeze more work into a day work.

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